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Social media may be the smallest part of your business with the biggest growth potential. You may not be capitalizing on because like most people you don’t have the time or energy to utilise the full potential. As a business owner you need to take full advantage of every sales channel you can. Like you, we know that there are more important things in the day that need your attention. This is why we offer Social Media Management as a service to other businesses and professionals.

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Marketing Yourself

As a professional or business owner, taking advantage of every opportunity to create growth might be the difference between success and failure. In a world that relies on networking to create growth, networking is one of the most important aspects you cannot afford to neglect. Reaching out and cultivating your social network is a fundamental business practice. After all, word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool.

Added Value

Social media has turned into the best sales networks you can use to grow your business. Social media adds value in these ways…

Attract Clientele
Convert Clients
Share Your Brand
Strengthen Your Brand
Advertise Efficiently
Create Email Lists
Keep Advertising Cost Low
Customized Targeting
Gives The Best ROI
Reach Bigger Audiences
Influence Others
Insights From Your Target Market
Increase your SEO
Improve Exposure
Create Networks
Create Communities
Interact With Your Community
Sell More Products or Services
Learn Your Target Demographics
Get FASTer & Better Feedback
Help Others
Solve Problems For Others
Drive Traffic To Your Site
Keep & Create Repeat Clients
Re-engage Past Clients

The section above is a short list of the benefits that Social Media Marketing can provide you and your clients. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. There are many more ways that our Social Media Management service can help your business. We wanted to touch on a few ways that we can provide added value. Using social media analytics, we can outline the actual value added to you and your business. This is the proof in concept with actual numbers and reports to show.

Solutions in
Technology LLC

We want to help you reach these channels so you can grow your business or professional presence. In fact, we love to do these kind of things. Promoting and Marketing is in our blood as it is a passion of ours. Through the tips and tricks we have learned over the years, we want to use them to help you grow. We get satisfaction by using our skills to help others. While you get to grow your reach and influence in doing what you love to do.

Our Social Media Management services typically run between $400 - $1600 a month depending on your business model and your company or brand needs. Each plan is custom tailored to each individual client. Therefore, it is hard to know the exact price for your particular needs until we discover your needs. We don’t waste money, especially yours because that makes for bad business partners. This means we create goals and a budget. Then evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns to deliver the best value to you. Get in touch with us to find out how we can add value to your company using Social Media Management with Forbes Advanced Solutions in Technology LLC!

Social Media

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