Digital Marketing

Because it takes more than just a good website

FAST Digital Marketing

Your Digital Strategy needs to be one of the keystones in your web strategy as a whole and not as an afterthought!

If you haven’t dealt with a company who uses all of the pieces to create the whole picture, then you have come to the right site!

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Our approach to your web strategy is to build marketing in from the start of your project

We build and curate search functionality into all of our development. This insures that advertising will flow right with your project and overall strategy

The use and purpose of your digital materials is the #1 factor that must be considered when planning digital media. Even before the design comes into play.

How visible is your brand?

Can you pick out your brand out of the crowd?

Brand Discovery

We’ll review your brand’s performance by researching the web, collecting metrics, and discovery results.

What are your brand’s metrics?

How much traffic are you getting and where is the traffic coming from?

Marketing Analysis

Let’s key on the greatest traffic sources and find the demographics of the traffic to focus on what is driving the traffic. Then target those segments.

Do you need a boost to drive traffic to your site or products?

What are the best ROI channels for your specific type of needs?

Online Advertising

We'll build ads using AMP for your website, a new website, stories, and even email. To get the greatest reach possible with lightning FAST loading of all your ads.

What content do you have on the web?

What does the content say about you or your company?

Content Strategy

Content is King! We work to create a plan that uses the most relevant means for your specific target market. Then we help create that vision into existence using the right tools for your needs.

How much time do you use to manage your web presence?

How long is your response time?


In today’s world there is a plethora of tools to automate your business. You need to take advantage of these tools to free your time to grow your business.

Do you review the numbers and adjust your strategy?

How well do you anticipate the next campaign to run?

Performance Analytics

By reviewing the analytics and measuring different channel metrics, we learn what has worked and what hasn't. Then can anticipate for the future to gain the greatest ROI.

FAST Digital Marketing

We will guide you through the path to capitalize on the best avenues for success, from logo design to feedback on a marketing campaign.

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