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We excel in technology, specifically web technology, web services, and web architecture. We solve many problems for the average small business, being that we are one ourselves. We have gone through many the same issues that any typical small business has gone through. This gives us a unique perspective to provide value adding consulting services for those problems that arise. We give you the attention you deserve and the help you need. The typical business can spend an average of $10,000 building any website or web services they’ll need to capitalize with web technologies. It only makes sense to save yourself some headaches and unforeseen problems down the road by bringing in professional help who understands the processes and life cycles. Bringing in FAST consulting services will save you in the long run and make certain your roadmap is clear. Stop wasting time with people trying to sell you everything under the moon and hire our consultant services. We will weed out the things you don’t need, while setting you up for continued success. Let’s get busy helping you!

Open Source Software

We love open source software (OSS)! We love it for many reasons. Sometimes it may even be completely free to use. That’s why having a consultant in these situations is key. They know this type of information. OSS is in most cases more secure than proprietary software. OSS is extremely innovative and usually has cutting edge features in advance of any closed source systems. Most of the time, OSS is more sustainable and compatible on more systems than proprietary software.

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Web Strategy

Web Strategy is the most important piece that most companies leave out of the web development and marketing plan. The first step is to complete a full project plan when developing anything on the web for FAST. Most web developers and web designers will build a website, charge you, then say good-bye. This leaves you thinking the project is complete. You may think you have the complete picture with all the services you'll need. This is a disservice to anyone that this happens. FAST is not like other companies. We give you the full picture and let you know what is next and what you don’t have yet. Let us give you the big picture, so you are not left in the dark.

Building on the Web

Digital marketing and web development go hand in hand. Neither should be completed without the other. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is not being honest with you. At FAST, we are educated and have advanced degrees in web development and tech. We know the processes and how to execute them. When building any type of web project, you need someone who sees the whole picture. Not someone who only knows parts of the overall plan. Digital marketing should be part of the strategy from the beginning. Even before the design of the website. It’s not the website you are trying to sell, it’s you and your products that we are selling.

Social Media Strategy

In today's world, one cannot build a digital presence, website, and market yourself without using social media. This is a fact of life in the information age. Most people and companies may not know where to start. It’s very hard to create and manage the work load along with the time and effort it takes to do it well. It's difficult to do this marketing with time constraints. You have a business to run. That’s why we are here! We are here to help you open and funnel these sales channels, all while you do your best work. Your best work is running your business.

We Love What We Do

We can consult on many issues and most technology needs. We love doing this work and we love solving problems for other people! It’s what drives us at our core, using technology to solve problems for others! We make sure your technology works for you and not you for your technology!

It's Time

It's time to make your technology work for you and not you for your technology!

"I had no idea of what it took to be successful online. Forbes Advanced Solutions in Technology helped me in every way. They set me up for success running my own business. From hardware to web technologies, they have you covered to find the best solutions for you! I highly recommend getting some consulting services first and foremost before starting a new project. It has saved me thousands of dollars and a ton of time!"

Nate Valentin
CEO - Refined Events

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