Accelerated Mobile Pages Design & Development by FAST

Accelerated Mobile Pages Development by FAST

Forbes Advanced Solutions in Technology (FAST) specializes in using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in our web development process. AMP is not the only code we use, but AMP HTML is our code package of choice for us for many reasons. We are a forward leaning company. The features that AMP HTML provides gives us an advantage when creating websites, advertisements, or any other web based application. We then provide these competitive advantages to you by using AMP.

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AMP Benefits

These are some of the benefits that you will have over traditional code

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SEO Advantage


Content Visibility


Ads Revenue


Advanced Analytics


Open Source


Mobile First World

Over half of all internet searches and interactions now happen via mobile devices. This number is growing exponentially every year. AMP HTML is created for this purpose. Focusing on the slow load times and limited bandwidth that come along with mobile devices. This allows us to create a product for you with built-in competitive advantages for your competition. Some of the other advantages are as follows:

Some of the AMP Advantages

It's Time to get the AMP Advantage!

FASTer Loading Times

When you build with AMP HTML your content is going to load faster than any other standard code in the world. AMP is optimized to load onto any device as fast as the device will load because of the way the code is built. It also utilizes content delivery networks (CDN) to achieve the speed. Leveraging the power of Google’s fastest in the world CDN and the Cloudflare CDN which is or will be the largest CDN in the world. The best part is you can use them both to load your content!

Better Search Engine Ranking

AMP does this natively by using the standards in which Google uses to rank content. Google created AMP then open sourced it and gave it to the current community to further develop the code. Some of the most important factors for SEO ranking are built into the code. These are; mobile-first, FAST loading times, a small code base, CDN delivery, and other technical specs that Google uses to rank content on their search engine. In fact, when you search for something on a mobile platform you will see the AMP logo in the results from the content built on AMP HTML.

Increased Visibility for Publishers

With better SEO on AMP, greater visibility is possible for your content. AMP HTML is created to use the best standards of the web. For publishers, this means most of the hard work is almost complete for your content. In fact, the AMP project has templates ready to fill with your content. This enables you to be able to get the visibility you are seeking for in your content. Using web semantics and SEO practices allow you to rank higher in the search results faster.

Support for Ads

Accelerated Mobile Pages is built from the ground up for ads, advertising, marketing, and the web. AMP is not an advertising provider. Which means the choices are in your hands on the providers you want. Both in using ads on your content or building your own ads to market on another platform you have choices. When using the AMP framework, you have freedom to choose. AMP HTML will integrate on about any platform for ads or having ads on your site. Your site might even load faster than the ads because it's built suing AMP. Your ads will definitely load faster than other ads. Which will help your brand get better spots and more of them than other companies.

Our Work

Some of Our work Using AMP

AMP became public in 2015 and now are able to offer this service to you.

Great Analytics

Analytics were not the after thought in Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP was born to take ads and make it possible to display them on any other platform. They're created for the code to load faster with a smaller footprint. This way the ads don’t affect the content on the page for which the ads are loading. With all ads there are analytics built in to the code. This is the same with AMP HTML as the analytics are baked into the framework. Super easy for basic analytics. Not too complicated for advanced analytics without affecting the content.

Mobile First Approach

If it is not obvious in the name Accelerated Mobile Pages, this code base is made for the purpose of displaying content on mobile devices. Mobile device access to the internet is over half of the traffic and still growing. This means you should target mobile devices with your content. AMP HTML helps in targeting this traffic. Using it's super powers built-in and all the before mentioned aspects.

It’s Open Source

At FAST, we believe in open source for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact you are not locked into one platform. Many proprietary companies will lock you into their software or their partners. This gives us the most freedom in choices and ensures that you own your content. Not the platform owing your content which you are locked into. In a world of constant changes this is a very valuable feature. If a company you use goes out of business, you can simply move to another platform. You may use as many different platforms as you like.

It's Time!

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FAST Web Design & Web Development

At the moment, the huge corporations are the only ones getting the advantages of AMP. Smaller companies have not been able to leverage the technology yet, but that will change in time. Forbes Advanced Solutions in Technology LLC is now offering you the chance at this advantage that only big companies have had. We believe in it so much, this site is built using AMP! Get in contact with us today and let’s create your first AMP pages and ads!

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