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Our Mission:
Forbes Advanced Solutions in Technology LLC provides advanced solutions using open source software and advanced knowledge of web architecture to create solutions for business use cases.

@ Forbes Advanced Solutions in Technology LLC, we work with you to provide custom solutions for your business needs to thrive in the 21st century. Tech is in every part of life now. We guide you in today's business environment to leverage technology which drives you to meet and exceed your goals. We implement our knowledge and experience with technology and web services to overcome any barrier.

Web Strategy

In the 21st century and beyond, web strategy is and will be a integral part of any business model and overall strategy. We work with you to create and mold your web strategy. Gone are the day's in which just a website is the only weapon needed.

Open Source Software

We are true believers in Open Source Software. We are experts in building solutions using open source software to drive your business operations. Using sustainable open source software has many benefits that you can take advantage.

Security Policies

Cyber security is on the top of everyone's list of priorities. We help you create policies and solutions for you and your clients to ensure you have the smallest attack surface possible. Making everyone safer in today's environment is our goal.

Social Strategy

Social Media has become a necessity in creating and maintaining an online presence in increasing your visibility. We leverage our experience and knowledge using these platforms to meet your goals for your brand or product.

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AMP HTML or accelerated mobile pages is a new code that has special properties, when used correctly to rank higher in the search results. FAST uses this code almost exclusively. In fact, this site is built using AMP.


We have a strong creative streak which makes us especially great at branding. Taking an idea and exploring possible creative paths to use in mastering your brands message makes us excited.

Web Services

Staying current with new technology, while running a business, is almost impossible. That is why you need experts in this arena. We do the hard work and you get to make the decisions which best fit you.

Any Tech

Sometimes you just need to know the best solutions for your particular situation. This is where we shine. We take a look, ask questions, do the research, then bring the results to you for you to make the decisions.


Some solutions we provide...


Web Services
Digital Marketing
Cyber Security


Web Development
Branding Development
Strategy Development
Marketing Plan Development
Cyber Security Policies


Project Management
Social Media Management
Reputation Management
Marketing & Promotional
Cyber Security Policy


Logo Design
Web Design
Digital Ads Design
Branding & Marketing

Can you relate to any of these questions?

Click on the question to see the answer

Are you embarrassed to send potential clients to your current website?

Speak with us about developing a new AMP website.

Is your website over two years old or more?

It's time to update your website, use  AMP to stand out!

Do you have a new business or personal venture that needs a digital presence?

Create project phases for a complete digital rollout.

Not hitting your target market?

We can re-target your ads and content to meet your goals.

Where is your time best spent?

Running your business because only you know how. Let us figure the tech.

My website not getting the traffic I think it should be getting?

Get in touch with us to help fix this problem. There are multiple ways to help fix this problem.

Do you have a website to send potential clients to?

Let's fix this problem and build your digital presence.

When you see your competitors website does it crush your spirit?

Let’s create something you can be proud of with AMP!

Is your site losing ranking in the search engines?

All of our solutions are geared to help this problem.

Not getting much traffic from social media?

We will customize a social media campaign for you to drive more traffic.

My site doesn’t load very fast on mobile devices?

This is what AMP HTML was made to solve.

Are you spending too much time trying to keep up your website?

It’s time to hire a professional to free up your time so you can level up.

Are you spending too much time trying to get business and not enough time running it?

Let's find solutions to free your time so you can make more money!

Is social media not quite your thing?

We manage social media so you don’t have to.

You always wanted to run some ads, but don’t know how?

We’ll help create and runs the ads for you.


FAST provides and implements the solutions you need to be more integrated, connected, productive, and knowledgeable in the approach for leveraging technology in your specific use case.

Start Your Project

We are a tech company who loves Project Management and Consulting. We help others create solutions and implement projects which solve problems. We make you FAST!

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

Click on the question to see the answer

You just need help with figuring all of the technical stuff out?

Our Consulting Services can help you plan and figure the best steps for your business.

The web and internet are just not your thing?

We are excited to build your brand by planning, then performing the right project for you.

Stuck on discovering the channel with the greatest ROI for your business?

We give you different channels and provide you with the numbers for you to decide.

Just want a rundown of the tools that can help you with a pro’s and con’s list?

Tech is our thing, let us fill you in on what we know or research what we don't and give the results to you.

Not very good at writing content, but you know what to say?

Our Digital Marketing services can help you make quality content for your business or personal needs.

Have you been thinking that your company needs a fresh new look?

It's time to brand or rebrand your company or products with a fresh new look and feel.

Spending too much time using technology that was supposed to make life easier?

We make your technology work for you, not you for your technology!

Need help with automation or tech and don’t know where to start?

Let's find the use cases you have a provide custom solutions just for you!

Do you have the web credibility you want?

We will plan and execute high quality content to build your web presence.

Have you always wanted a website or web presence you can be proud of and be happy to show it off?

AMP HTML is perfect for you as it will make you happy to send clients to your site, while being extremely FAST!

Don’t have enough time to research new tech because you have a business to run?

We do the hard work for you to set you up for success!

You’d like to speak with someone who can explain things to you, without being an arrogant jerk?

We all have specialties, tech is ours and we love to teach others about it. We can't wait to help you without judgement.

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